breakfast crêpes.

Today I tried making vegan crêpes for the first time. I was raised on traditional crêpes so I was reticent about how these might turn out sans milk and egg. Enter the talented Dreena Burton and her cheerful tome, Eat, Drink, & be Vegan and her recipe for Breakfast Crêpes, et voilà – fabulicious results. I like my crêpes paper thin so I was quite happy that the batter obliged me in this regard. It struck the perfect balance between neither falling apart nor becoming in any way rubbery. The flax meal gave the batter such a sweet scent that I had to taste it more than a few times while I was standing in front of the stove. The flax also added some unexpected crispiness and a subtle nutty flavour to the crêpes which was also quite nice. For those with wheat aversions this recipe uses spelt flour – an added bonus for those with food sensitivities. Dreena’s recipe calls for fresh fruit as a filling, which I’m sure would have been amazing had I had any fruit on hand. Instead I used two different fruit spreads, strawberry rhubarb and apricot, and it was still heavenly. I shall turn my attention to pancakes next.

Some more evidence that my cookbook obsession knows no bounds – three more are on their way:

  • Mediterranean Vegan Kitchen by Donna Klein
  • More Great Good Dairy-Free Desserts by Fran Costigan
  • Vice Cream by Jeff Rogers

Hubby picked Mediterranean Vegan Kitchen from my wish list of ten or so badly wanted vegan tomes. His interests lie in the savoury department while I remain obsessed with making cake and ice cream. There is a very intriguing recipe for green tea ice cream in Veganomicon that I intend to pair with Dreena’s 5-Spice Almond Cookies in ED&BV. I am determined to make ice cream sandwiches for our upcoming birthday party. I picked up my Matcha green tea powder on a recent trip to the natural food store (expensive stuff!) so I’m ready to rock. I haven’t entirely committed to a birthday cake but it’s looking more and more like it might be coconut.

Behold, today’s brunch.