serendipiTea update.

Recently, my much anticipated shipment from SerendipiTea (a.k.a. the best tea ever) arrived. I unpacked my treasure with gleeful fond memories of Eve’s Temptation, that joyous elixir of old, and couldn’t wait to brew myself a cup. Ah, what sweet anticipation – the aroma was overwhelming as I opened the box. The scent! Such sweet pungency has never before visited my nose.

I ordered four different large packs of loose tea and one small tin. The large packs of loose tea come in paper bags which sit inside recycled cardboard boxes. The packaging is simple, recyclable, and elegant. Sustainable and environmentally friendly – as if I need more reasons to adore this tea.

If I thought the scent was pungent when the box was closed, I was completely blown away when I actually opened it. I was immediately met with an awesome display of colour and texture – truly as much a feast for the eyes as for the nose. Eve’s Temptation is composed of quite large pieces of apple and mango, and nothing else.

I also purchased a box of rather tall, unbleached tea filters which are designed to sit upright in the glass. Now for the revered tasting.

Verdict? Heaven in a glass. Sweet, smooth, and just as wonderful as I remembered.

After having my fill of the star of the day, Eve’s Temptation, I turned to the other intriguing teas in my order – and there were no disappointments there. Each tea is unique and wonderful in its own way:

  • Eve’s Temptation: Apple, Mango – simply amazing, smooth and sweet
  • Chaucer’s Cup: Apple, Mango, Cloves, Cardamom, Ginger, Fruit, Spices – sweet & spicy, tastes like Christmas – gives Eve’s Temptation a run for its money
  • Monk’s Mead: Apple, Mango, Chamomile – soothing, calming, wonderfully enjoyable – fair trade
  • Genesis: Apple, Mango, Green Tea – much stronger than others, green tea flavour features most prominently
  • Gaucho: Cloves, Cardamom, Ginger, Yerba Mate – spicy and awakening, great in the morning, the first Yerba Mate blend I’ve actually really liked

The quality of SerendipiTea is tops. Their service is super friendly and efficient, and my order arrived very fast. I’ll surely be making regular orders to keep up with what will certainly become a habit. The circle is complete.

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  1. I can’t wait to tell my wife about what sounds like a great source for teas. We both like unique teas but she would walk a mile to try a new one. The craziest and serendipitious (borrowed your word) thing is that I am in the recycling container business and I found a wonderful product packaged in an ecofriendly manner. Life is good.

  2. Neil – thanks for your comment. As I was saying in a previous post about the tea (in my rather long-winded way), I had been searching for ‘Eve’s Temptation’ specifically for seven long years. I had first tried it in a Cafe that then closed. Persistence finally paid off! Enjoy the tea – the hardest part will be picking which of the many to try first :)

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