organic vegan cornmeal muffins.

I picked up an organic Cornmeal Muffin mix at the market that just happens to be completely free of nuts, eggs, and dairy. It’s put together by Muffins Inc. The company also sell their muffins ready made and in other flavours like chocolate chip, carrot, and dutch cocoa.

One thing that I really enjoyed was the fact that when I emptied the bag of dry ingredients into the bowl they were separate from each other – not that they were bagged separately, but rather that it was obvious that the flour was placed in the bag first, then the cornmeal, etc. What I mean to say is that the ingredients weren’t all mixed together. That’s not a critical element of buying a mix but when I peered into my mixing bowl it looked as if I had poured the ingredients individually myself.

I don’t know why that pleased me so much but it was amusingly unexpected.

All I needed to add was cold water, oil, and vinegar – it didn’t specify what type but I used apple cider vinegar. It suggested sunflower oil but I didn’t have any so I used canola oil instead. Then I mixed at high speed for 5 minutes with the electric mixer and voilà – ready to go into the oven for 25-30 minutes. The easiest thing I’ve made in a long while.

I baked them for 28 minutes which perhaps wasn’t quite enough time – I thought they were a little pale but then thought maybe I’m used to corn muffins with more cornmeal in them. They tasted sweet but pleasant. Very simple to make for sure – not a bad thing to have in the cupboard if you need to make something fast.

They were lovely cut in half and toasted with a little earth balance spread melting in.

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  1. Hello! I was just admiring your lovely cornmeal muffins and was wondering if you knew the recipe for them so I could bake up a batch!
    So good to have such a dedicated website to vegan food!
    Ellie x

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