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This afternoon I enjoyed a lovely snack of coffee and cake – and not just any cake. A gorgeous, chocolate, dairy-free, vegan slice of heaven.

During a recent jaunt to the city I made sure to visit Whole Foods Market, my personal mecca of vegan and vegetarian tasty treats. This time I remembered to pick up their vegan chocolate cake. It’s marketed as ‘Dairy Free Chocolate Cake’ yet the organic ingredient list is clearly devoid of eggs – in other words the scary V-word is nowhere to be found but vegan it is.

The cake is moist, rich and unabashedly decadent to be sure. It is adorned with a fabulously smooth and satisfying chocolate ganache. One day my own dairy-free ganache will be as good as this – mine has a habit of solidifying on me, whereas this ganache remains pleasantly moist.

Ah, chocolate – you have no equal. I will forever be your servant.

The rich chocolatey goodness of this fine cake got me thinking about vegan chocolate in general, particularly the fine, handmade variety. Around me it seems to be somewhat of a scarcity. I’m not referring to vegan chocolate in bar form, which is quite plentiful – I am no stranger to Green & Black’s Organic Maya Gold (such sweet heaven and fair trade). I’m thinking of artisan chocolates – those very fine, invariably expensive sweet delights referred to as chocolate truffles.

I’ve heard rumours here and there of fine vegan chocolate that can be had far, far away (Sjaak’s Organic Chocolates, for example), but alas – none in my immediate Torontonian vicinity. Vegan’s aren’t the only ones who might appreciate some fine chocolate – I have many a lactose intolerant friend who would embrace some fine dairy-free chocolate goodness.

I made a few enquiries and found that the following chocolate makers offer some dairy-free, vegan options – all of which are available in Canada:

Kerstin’s Chocolates – Dark chocolate is vegan.

Teuscher – Swiss chocolate legend – select dark chocolate is vegan.

Lagusta’s Luscious – Often raved about, these American chocolate artisans don’t ship outside of the US, but Canadian buyers can get them through The Vegan Store.

Dolphin Natural Chocolate – this Canadian chocolatier contributes a percentage of their profits to the Environmental defense Fund. Check out their Vegan Mix, a selection of chocolates including Mint Crisp, Organic Peanut Butter, Roasted Almond and Solid Dark.

There are a few more chocolate artists from whom I am waiting to hear back – will update when I do.

In the mean time, if anyone has a favourite vegan chocolatier, please share with this addict.

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  1. Mmmmm, that cake looks delicious. I was in Seattle a month or so ago and got their vegan chocolate mousse cake…. sooooo good. Wish our Whole Foods bakery down here in Houston had them.
    My favorite vegan chocolate are the endangered species chocolate bars, but then again, that’s most of what’s down here that I don’t have to order online….
    Cute blog!!

  2. Thanks Vegan_noodle! I love endangered species chocolate – not too long ago I purchased a round container of their dark baking chocolate and I’ve been hoarding it like black gold :)

  3. Wow…this is mouth wateringly delicious looking. Let’s see I believe it’s Lake Champlain chocolates that have some dairy free chocolate. For chocolate chips I use Enjoy Life! and melt them into molds. The sells some dairy free chocolate and white chocolate too.

    Natalie @ Gluten a Go Go

  4. The prices are a little crazy but I swear the vegan dark chocolate truffles from are the best chocolate truffles (vegan or not) I’ve ever had.

    I like Scharffen Berger semi-sweet baking bars for cookies and cakes and Tropical Source has a great vegan toasted almond chocolate candy bar for eating straight up.

  5. Maggie, thank you – I just took a peek and those truffles DO look promising :) I will check out the bars too – chocolate and coconut always sounds good!

  6. Debyi, there’s been many a time I wished I lived within walking distance of the place. I have it a bit better at about an hour’s distance but I don’t get there nearly as often as I’d like. When I do – I’m well laden down with bags :)

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