cookies, for sister.

I was in the mood for cookies the other day. Well, truth be told, I’m always in the mood for cookies. The other day I gave in. But which cookies to make? There were so many delectable possibilities from my sizable stack of vegan cookbooks to choose from. I started to flip through the pages of the mighty Veganomicon. Hmmm. Lots of tasty treats deserving of a test run in there. Then I spied it – near the back of that respected tome: Wheat-Free Chocolate Chip Cookies. Perfect.

My sister was recently diagnosed with gluten and dairy allergies – which means she has invariably been left out of even just tasting my sweet foray into vegan desserts of late. I knew I had to make these cookies for her. I would satisfy my craving with a good few, share some with hubby, and pass the rest on to my sis. Sounded like a plan.

Firstly, these cookies were incredibly easy to make. I mean easy. And fast. They came together in a veritable blink while I was barely paying attention as I chatted with hubby who was assembling a new wooden chair for the kitchen across the room.

More importantly, these cookies are delicious. I love how they kind of collapse down in the middle – crispy on the outside and super chewy on the inside. And the oat flour, used in lieu of wheat flour, gives the cookies an awesome flavour.

It was super hard to keep both myself and hubby from eating them all before I had a chance to snap a few pics and save some for my sister.

I will most definitely be making these again soon. Very soon.

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  1. Mmm….Me love cookies! And you know, one thing I do to help my gluten-free buds is to always, or mostly always, use buckwheat flour – it’s accepted by celiac societies to be 100% safe for gluten allergies. It, in my baking opinion, is the best gluten-free option to use when baking. It acts very similar to all-purpose, in regards to amount needed – with some other gluten-free flours (when I’m self-converting a recipe) I tend to have to use more than what’s called for in AP flour. So give buckwheat a try…I bet you (and your sister) won’t be able to tell a difference.

  2. I’d been eyeing these babies up in Vcon. I don’t have any gluten issues, but it’s good to give our little tummies a break from time to time…these babies are picture perfect!

  3. Thank you so much for letting us know how quick and easy these are to make. I’m always on the lookout for delicious things that can be whipped up in no time (you know, to satisfy those urgent sweets cravings!). Great job on the cookies – they look delicious!

  4. Mihl – thank you – love your blog!

    shel – you will love these!

    Jennifer – you are welcome and thank you :) Warning – these cookies are hard to stop at just a few!!

    BitterSweet – you are sweet for saying so – now if only my sister viewed me so kindly :)

  5. Hi, there! I know I already commented today, but I thought I’d stop by again to tell you that I just nominated you for a Brillante Weblog award! Your site is so gorgeous and everything you make just looks like perfection. I also think it is so sweet how you always leave a personal note in your comments to all of us who have stopped by to visit you. You are a great hostess!

    I have posted details about the award on my site. Congratulations!

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