iron cupcake earth, blogging event.

I have agreed to participate in what promises to be a very cool new monthly blogging event called Iron Cupcake Earth. Hey, if it’s got the word cupcake in it, you know it’s gotta be good.

The very first awesome event will take place later this very month. Every month, we will bake a cupcake using a specific ingredient. As if baking and blogging about cupcakes wasn’t cool enough on its own, there’s more: awesome prizes for the best blog submission! And no ordinary prizes either – exceedingly cool items made by Etsy artisans, Cupcake Couriers, and Jessie Steele Aprons, to name a few!

Come on, you know you’re going to make cupcakes anyway – why not throw your hat in for a cool prize, and join in with some really fun people too?!

Since this event is in its infancy, I have been encouraged to encourage my fellow cupcake friends, readers, and otherwise cupcake afficionados to join in the fun and become Iron Cupcakers. To join, all you need to do is email Iron Cupcake Sandy at with the following information:

City, State, Country
Blog Address
Flickr Name
Referral: Madcap Cupcake

Be there, or be square.