weddings and pumpkins.

The main reason I blogged so little over the summer was that I became rather distracted with my little sister’s wedding. I hardly cooked or baked at all and so, quite stupidly, thought that I didn’t have anything much to blog about.

Well silly me – I should have, at the very least, posted a photo here and there. I’d previously taken a long absence from picture taking and had been wanting to get back to it for ages. I was very lucky to get a new DSLR (!) in time for the wedding and I thought I’d share a photo from the happy event in that spirit.

Note the red nail polish.


I’m off to roast a pumpkin for the first time, so wish me luck – I’m hoping for pumpkin cookies, cake, pie and, given enough puree, some pumpkin butter!

10 thoughts on “weddings and pumpkins.

  1. Roasting pumpkin is easy peasy! I still have one left to roast – I made a bunch of apple butter yesterday, but I’m hoping for some pumpkin butter, too! Yumerrs!

  2. You can’t go wrong with classic red toes! Love the shoes too!!! From what little we can see of the dress, it looks beautiful – will we get to see the full thing? Congrats to sister, and looking forward to hear how the pumpkin turns out. I’m feeling adventurous and toying with the idea of roasting new squashes/gourds (aside from butternut), so I can’t wait to hear your experience..

  3. Gail – you were my inspiration for roasting the pumpkin! – I’m planning to use your scrumptious pie recipe – will blog about it too :)

    shellyfish – I was amazed at how easy it was! It’s great when something easy gets demystified! You’ll have to share your vegan pumpkin butter recipe…

    mihl – thank you, and the pumpkin’s roasted….I have pepitas on the go right now :D

    Sara – thanks, and I’ll try to find some more photos that show the dress better – it’s a beauty :) I can’t wait to see what you do with those gourds, I love squash. I’ll have a big pumpkin post pronto!

  4. going underground from the blogging world because of a wedding is A-ok, especially if you’re having fun :)

    flashy nail polish is a must. I wear pink in the summer. Winter means bare toenails for me. hey, if I’m going to paint them, it’s outside on a lawn chair.

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