almond butter chocolate chip cookies.


I love Twitter. You meet all sorts of interesting, like-minded, creative people who point you in a million different fantastic directions – and you get cookies.

Let me explain.

Someone, clearly cool, found me on Twitter. This prompted me to check out their blog. On their blog I saw a post about cookies. One hour later I was eating them – these Almond Butter Chocolate Chip Cookies from Hello Veggie to be exact.

Pretty cool.

These cookies are very easy to make and you probably have everything you need all set to go – unless you’re like me and you think you have almond butter in the fridge but it turns out to be hazelnut butter.

No worries. I had a big bag of almonds on hand – so I threw a cup of those in the food processor and processed until they were paste. It kind of made a paste, after about 15 minutes of processing (it stuck together when pressed so I figured it was close enough). The most important thing is that the cookies worked and they worked brilliantly.

On top of tasting out of this world amazing, another reason I totally dig these cookies is that they’re not loaded up with margarine – there is some, but much less than a lot of other chocolate chip cookies out there. The almond butter emulsifies and moistens better than margarine any day. Hey, we need our healthy fats. Very important.

Do I really have to advise you to make them? I had to share because they really are delish. Really delish. Consider this fair warning however: you will need will-power of steel to not eat them all.

Trust me on this.

18 thoughts on “almond butter chocolate chip cookies.

  1. These look scrumptious and I know that I do not have the willpower necessary to avoid eating the entire batch! Wonderful photo!

  2. I trust you!! And I love Twitter too… all kinds of great information being passed around. I think I may need to make me some cookies after seeing these…

  3. Lovely cookies! I also LOVED the Bundt cake. I am surprised that it lasted 24 hours ;) Also, with internet, the world is indeed becoming a small place :)

  4. We both did chocolate chip cookies the past week, although yours are far more unique! They look delicious, Marika! BTW, how does this Twitter thing work? I haven’t had the ‘oomph’ to check it out due to being easily distracted as of late *sigh*

    • Sunbutter sounds like a great idea! Thanks for the compliment on the header – I’ve been getting antsy with the look of the blog and the theme constraints here :) I’m working on a complete re-design!

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