sweet potato pie, vegan MoFo.


It’s Vegan MoFo III, day 4!

With Canadian Thanksgiving around the corner, I’ve been thinking a lot about holiday desserts. Truth be told, all this damp cold weather alone is enough to get me thinking about holiday desserts. And what better holiday dessert than pie, I ask? Especially this pie: Sweet Potato Pie.

Yes, this is another test recipe for Jae Steele’s new book: Many recipes have been tested and all of them fabulous. Consider it a Ripe From Around Here sneak peak.

Whereas Jae has posted quite a few of these new recipes on her blog, this one has not been released for public consumption. There are however many, many versions of Sweet Potato Pie out there online – look for one without dairy, eggs or animal fats for a vegan (and healthier!) version. Hey, here are two possibilities to get you started: this one and that one. If you don’t have soy sensitivities, I’d definitely go for one that uses silken tofu. Tofu adds excellent structure, protein, and great creaminess to pies like this. Choose an organic, non-GMO brand.

And let them eat pie this Thanksgiving.

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9 thoughts on “sweet potato pie, vegan MoFo.

  1. Aw, I’m very disappointed that this one’s not available! I’d love to make it for Thanksgiving and show my family that it’s not veganness’ fault that my pumpkin pie didn’t set last year (it was my crappy Scottish study abroad oven!) by making something awesome like this. The two recipes you linked to don’t really look right to me. What do you recommend as the best egg replacer/thickener in a vegan pumpkin/sweet potato pie? Should I try to go for a silken tofu one or a arrowroot/cornstarch one? My arrowroot pumpkin pie from last year tasted a little starchy in addition to not setting, so I’m leaning towards tofu…

    Whew! Long comment! Your pie really does look beautiful though! When’s the book coming out?

    • Hi Nora! For those without soy sensitivities, I’d definitely go for the silken tofu version! Use an organic non-GMO brand. Tofu adds excellent structure, adds protein, and also lends great creaminess to pies. If you have a favourite pumpkin pie recipe, you could also substitute the pumpkin with sweet potato and it should work equally well. The book is due to come out next year – I don’t have an exact date, but I’ll keep everyone posted :)

  2. WOw! That looks really great. Have you ever though of doing a sweet potato cheescake pie? I think I will use your blog as an inspiration for that dish. I wish this recipe was around so I could use it. I love your blog and have a great vegan MOFO.

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