ginger rhubarb galettes, vegan MoFo.


It is day six of Vegan MoFo III!

These Ginger Rhubarb Galettes are the invention of the talented Jae Steele – and (everybody cheer now) she has posted the recipe on her blog, here. This was also a recipe that I was lucky to be able to test in advance of the upcoming book.

I had never made galettes before attempting these and at first I feared they might be complicated. Well they’re not complicated at all – in fact, they’re very simple to make. And they’re totally delicious. Super amazing delicious.

Have I convinced you that they’re delicious?

First, this is the best crust I have ever made. EVER. Absolutely perfect. The coconut oil is the secret – be sure to use the good stuff, it’s worth it. And the filling, oh my goodness – it is the perfect balance of tanginess and sweetness. Mmmm, rhubarb. These babies didn’t last long, no sir.

There’s a lot more Vegan MoFo out there for you to see, so be sure to look.


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  1. Mmm that sounds so tasty and looks great too! I love the idea of coconut oil in the crust too.

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