cherry pie, vegan MoFo.


We are one week into Vegan MoFo, the Vegan Month of Food – third addition!

I made a Cherry Pie. I made it from scratch. Jae Steele asked me to, and so I did. Testing, testing, testing – ah, the difficult life of the recipe tester! Getting all these delicious secrets in advance of the world. If you’ve been following my Vegan MoFo posts you’ve seen how spoiled I’ve been. Indeed, I have been.

I really do want to bring you more posts with recipes than without – but despite not being able to share this particular recipe with you now, I just had to show you the pie – my first cherry pie. I even pitted the cherries myself, with a sexy Italian cherry pitter – it’s sleek and shiny and efficient.

Pitting cherries is messy work though. My fingers were stained fuchsia for the rest of the day – drawing more than one suspicious glance as I went about town.



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8 thoughts on “cherry pie, vegan MoFo.

    There’s some serious MoFo pies being baked. Cherry pie is sooo good and this one looks amazing – fit to burst with all those wonderful cherries.
    It’s no good – I gotsta make me a sweet pie.

  2. Oh my goodness that pie is stunning! I am jealous of your beautiful pictures in general! ;)
    You’re making me jealous that I am not a tester for her recipes, they all look so tempting!

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