maple layer cake, vegan MoFo.


It’s Vegan Mofo III, the Vegan Month of Food, Day 23.

You are looking at Maple Layer Cake from Jae Steele’s upcoming second book, Ripe From Around Here (due out in Spring).

This is one beautiful cake. And delicious. Rich. Decadent. It’s sweet and spicy. It fits the bill for any special occasion. It’s pretty. It’s also sweetened with maple syrup. Did I mention it’s delicious? And the icing is drop dead gorgeous. Ethereally beautiful, in fact. Pearlescent. Opaline. And yes, it’s delicious. In fact, it’s my favourite icing yet.

After testing a fair few of the recipes for RFAH, I think I can safely assume that you’re all going to love Jae’s new book. I feel so enthusiastic about it that I am going to give away a copy when it comes out, and spread the love. I’ll keep you posted about that.

In the mean time, behold the photos.





That’s Batzy. Busted.

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19 thoughts on “maple layer cake, vegan MoFo.

  1. Just stumbled upon your blog and I love you photos! Food photography is a passion of mine too so I’ll enjoy perusing the pics you’ve taken of tantalizing vegan treats!
    BTW, I’ve seen this cake in person and I can attest to its goodness!

  2. omfg! that is going to be the best cookbook ever. seriously, i’d like to meet this genius jae steele (and you–the genius baker/photographer who makes her recipes w/ due excellence)!

    i seriously want that to be my wedding cake.

  3. Oh, drool! I’m such a sucker for maple-anything, and have drastically cut back on my consumption of the syrup thanks to its sky-rocking price.. I’m in serious maple-withdrawal!

  4. That looks and sounds delicious! I love when animals make appearances in food photos. Some of my best food pics star my cat CB.

  5. LOVING all this talk of these recipes. Makes me want to share them all, but I think it’s best to wait till the book comes out. And you often make them look much prettier than they did when I created them. Took my mum on a tour today of photos of RfAH recipes on your blog, and she was like “Why bother doing a photo shoot with that other photographer next week?”

    Thanks lady. xo

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