spicy thai noodles, vegan MoFo.


It is Vegan MoFo III, the Vegan Month of Food, Day 31.

This recipe is my husband’s creation. It’s really simple to whip up and it hits the spot when you’re looking for something a little spicy.

Spicy Thai Noodles

  • Soba or Udon noodles, one package
  • Silken tofu, one package
  • 1/2 can coconut milk (regular or light)
  • 1/2 lb mushrooms
  • 1/2 lb  Brussels sprouts
  • 1 Tbsp red curry paste
  • Olive oil, for sauteing

Prepare noodles as directed.

Warm oil over medium heat in a large skillet and saute mushrooms and Brussels. Remove mushrooms and Brussels and reserve. In the same skillet, scramble tofu. Set aside.

In a small pot, warm coconut milk. Add red curry paste and combine.

Add noodles to large skillet with tofu. Add mushrooms and coconut milk curry mixture. Stir well to combine.

Serve with chopsticks.

Happy Vegan MoFo everyone!

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    • Thanks for catching that Josiane – I forgot to add the coconut milk amount! He usually makes a double batch (using 2 packs of noodles), in which case he uses a whole can of coconut milk – so a 1/2 can for one batch.

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