sweet potato cake.


What is it about sweet potato and cake in the same sentence that promises awesome? When I saw this recipe posted at the fabulous VegNews site, I knew I was in trouble.

Five days. That’s how long I lasted between spotting the recipe and making it materialize in front of me.

This cake is delicious – I think it might just make another appearance over the Holidays. Sweet, fragrant and spicy, this dense and super moist delight is like gingerbread in a cake.

I followed the recipe for the cake exactly, except that I used two round 9-inch pans (instead of the recommended 8-inch pans). You could definitely make this cake in a bundt pan or muffin tin – gingerbread cupcakes! I baked for an extra 5 minutes (for a total of 40 minutes), so definitely use a toothpick to determine done-ness. I also made my own sweet potato puree (rather than the called for can), by steaming sweet potato and weighing it to get the required amount. In a pinch, you could probably substitute pumpkin puree – but have you ever noticed how much sweeter sweet potato is? Mmm, sweet potato.

After comparing the icing portion of the recipe to some of my favourites, I decided to reduce the amount of confectioner’s sugar called for, using 3 cups (instead of 4 cups) – which is plenty sweet and has a really nice texture.

I love, love, love the addition of toasted coconut and pecans sandwiched between the two cake layers – so don’t leave that part out!

What to make next? Have you seen the VegNews Holiday Cookie Collection? Yeah, baby.




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  1. yeah baby! i’ve had this cake bookmarked it the vegnews magazine edition it first appeared it and have been meaning to make it forever. super moist cakes are the best.

  2. Goodness me, does that ever look tasty! I can see why you just had to make it. Now I just need to find myself a good reason to follow suit…
    Gorgeous pictures, as always! :)

  3. That cake is beautiful!! I’m sure the recipe is great, but that’s some serious talent, girl! I’m in love with sweet potatoes, and cake of course, so this is for me!

  4. Such a beautiful cake! I love sweet potato in baked goods (sweet potato muffins are an all-time favorite!). I think the coconut/pecans would be a fantastic addition, too.

  5. oh! this recipe comes from The Vegan Chef, beverly lynn bennett, no wonder it looks so good! she used to cook at my BFF’s mom’s veg*n restaurant in Cleveland.


  6. Oooh it looks delicious! What perfect timing, too, because I was just wondering what I should do with the leftover sweet potato I mashed up this morning. Cake works for me. :)

  7. Your cake is gorgeous, and you make it sound as delicious as it looks!
    Living for a few months in the Caribbean left me with a particular fondness for desserts made with sweet potatoes. My host mother made a terrific sweet potato pudding that I’ve been trying to recreate ever since. Even though my attempts have been unsuccessful, anything with sweet potato still brings back great memories and makes me happy. Clearly, I have to make this cake!

  8. oh, you’re mean, I mean, all I wanna do is make that cake *right now*, and there’s no recipe, just a tantalizing moist, and cheeky pointy cake picture, ooohhhh! :P

  9. I LOVE sweet potato, and I LOVE cake..so what else is there to sort out other than the fact that I want your beautiful and moist looking cake? lol Beautifully done, Marika! However, I’m so bummed you couldn’t take part in my cannoli challenhe..you so would have rocked it completely :)

  10. How delicious! I think this would be wonderful for anyone vegan, allergic to eggs, or even someone who is watching their sugar intake, since there is lots of fiber in there. Thanks for sharing!

  11. i forgot to mention (months ago) that i made this cake gluten free style and although it was half the consistency of mochi, it was insanely good. now that i can eat wheat again i should probably make it a few more times. xoxo

  12. Oh my. This does look AMAZING! :) I was actually looking for a gluten-free, dairy-free, egg-free recipe for my little guy who turns one in a month. I needed to find a recipe with sweet potato in it and so I found your blog. I think I may try to modify the recipe to make it suit my needs. Wish me luck! :)

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