holiday cookie project: citrus glitters.

The Holiday Cookie Project is moving into sparkly territory with Citrus Glitters. It’s the fourth week of Vegan MoFo and it’s hard to believe we’re in the final stretch.

Citrus Glitters

Citrus Glitters

This is one good cookie. Seriously. I almost didn’t choose this one for the project – not because I didn’t think it would be good, but because (among so many other strong contenders), it seems unassuming. It was kind of a fluke that I decided to include it. I was out one day when I happened upon this gorgeous sanding sugar that had been coloured pink by raspberries, and then the light bulb appeared over my head: pink grapefruit. You see, the recipe calls for any citrus zest of your choice. So I decided to try it out with pink grapefruit zest. That pink sugar sealed the deal. I made the cookies.

And I’m so glad I did.

This cookie has an amazing crumb. A perfect crumb – somewhere between a light textured shortbread and a cakey sugar cookie – in the best possible way. When they were still warm out of the oven, they were to die for – and they were still fabulous the day after too. Just ask my grandmother.

And they’re so pretty and sparkly – definitely glittery. Perfect for the Holidays. I did some up in pink and some in icy winter white – both sanding sugars. I also tried some with coarse turbinado sugar but I found those ones to be too sweet due to the extra thickness of the sugar, and not nearly as cute. I say, go for the sparkly stuff. These are glitter cookies after all.

You can find this recipe, and all others in the cookie project, in the cookie book with the mostest, Vegan Cookies Invade Your Cookie Jar, by Isa Chandra Moskowitz and Terry Hope Romero.

Citrus Glitters

Citrus Glitters


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  1. Fantastic recipe! These cookies are soooooo good & look beautiful as well . I loved them. Will have to make more pronto!

  2. wow – these look amazing! I wonder how these would all go with gluten free flours? I find some vegan recipes don’t wanna work with the GF flours!

    • Hi Jas! I know how challenging gluten-free vegan baking can sometimes be! Isa and Terry actually provide a recipe for a homemade GF flour mixture in the book’s intro. They also recommend using a bit of extra flour if you’re using a GF flour mixture, whether their GF recipe or a store bought mix (like Bob’s Red Mill)…at least 2 Tbsp and up to 1/4 cup more GF flour mix for each cup of flour called for in a recipe. Let me know if you try some out!

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