vegan MoFo: espresso cheesecake for tea.

Espresso cheesecake at tea time.

There’s a fabulous Toronto based (all vegan) baking company called Sweets From The Earth – perhaps you’re familiar with their tantalizingly sweet, delectably rich morsels? Fortunate to have access to their tempting wares, I recently happened upon a new flavour of cheesecake, espresso, which I readily snapped up at Toronto’s all-vegan (!) grocery store, Panacea. Having thoroughly enjoyed SFTE’s other cheesecakes (chocolate, vanilla bean, and wild blueberry) on occasion, I was confident that this new java-powered flavour would not disappoint.

And it did not.

After presenting this for tea I barely had a chance to grab the camera to prove it existed before all that remained were espresso-infused chocolate cookie crumbs. Creamy and light-textured with a definite, yet not overpowering, espresso hit, this cheesecake is delicious. SFTE’s wild blueberry flavour remains my unwavering favourite (it’s just amazing) but this one is super tasty too – and if you’re as much of a coffee aficionado as I am, this is for you. Added bonus – the espresso cheesecake is gluten-free and uses fair trade coffee beans. Score.

So good.

Something delicious was here.

8 thoughts on “vegan MoFo: espresso cheesecake for tea.

  1. I had no idea they sold cheesecake. We only have access to SFTE’s brownies here, I’m guessing the cheesecake probable wouldn’t hold up well being shipped. It sounds divine, I may have to try my own version.

    • Hi Maggie! Ooooh, definitely make your own version :) YES, they not only make cheesecakes, but cakes too (they make a delectable chocolate fudge cake, and also carrot cake with the most divine cream cheese icing!), as well as dozens of different cupcakes (lavender, s’mores, etc), date bars, several different delicious cookies, and an amazing chocolate pecan caramel bar that’s like a giant turtle – swoon.

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