tiny treats, taste & shoot

Chocolate Chips and Coating, in the works.

When Nicole Axworthy of A Dash of Compassion and Lisa Pitman of Vegan Culinary Crusade asked me to assist with the styling and photography of their Tiny Treats eBook, I was thrilled and honoured to join the collaboration. I have a great amount of respect for these two very talented ladies and I knew the project would be a ton of fun and a smash success. After having sampled copious amounts of scrumptious treats for months leading up to the shoot via their other joint venture, the Raw Vegan Treat of the Month Club, I knew that each and every recipe in this book would be a winner.

Also, being the generous and compassionate spirits they are, Lisa and Nicole are donating one-third of all eBook proceeds to a charity close to their hearts, the Elephant Nature Park in Northern Thailand. Buy the eBook and youll be helping elephants and be rewarded with mouth-watering sweet treats all at once.

Convinced yet? Read on about what you can expect from this sweet little tome:

  • 25 deliciously sweet, whole foods based dessert recipes
  • no wheat, refined flours, sugars, soy, eggs or dairy
  • a delicious assortment of  cookies, bars, and cakes
  • recipes for must-have staples like nut milk, raw chocolate, and date paste you can make yourself
  • well laid out and super simple instructions
  • no need for fancy equipment (a blender or food processor and youre good to go)
  • great tips and techniques to add to your culinary repertoire
  • large, full-colour photos of each recipe (including a few from yours truly)

The photographs in this post are some of my outtakes from the shoot and represent a small portion of the awesomeness you will find in the book: I feel truly honoured to have been able to contribute to its creation. Plus, not only did I get to spend a fun-filled weekend with friends, playing with props and styling to my hearts content, a few of my photographs were selected by the girls (who also photographed their work) for the final product. Very cool.

Blueberry Cream and Fruit Tarts

Raw Almond Yogurt, Cinnamon Bun Granola, and Almond Milk.

Hazelnut Brownies with Maple Chocolate Ganache.

How does that grab you? You can read more about the Tiny Treats eBook, as well as preview and purchase it