ohio musings, part 1.

Pumpkin Pie

Pumpkin Pie

I know, I know—strange things are afoot at the Circle K. An extended period of radio silence, etc. Excuses, hmmm: let’s see. I had the flu. Twice. My laptop was force fed Gatorade. A camera lens decided it really wanted to get better acquainted with the floor. I traveled. None of that matters now. I missed you and I have news.

While in Portland for VVC last summer, I had the incredible good fortune to form a friendship will fellow photographer and Anthropologie aficionado, Kate. We hung out together for the balance of my time in PDX and promised to get together soon after. That visit happened last Fall when I traveled to Kate’s beautiful home in Ohio. Kate made sure that I had ample opportunity to go prop-shopping (a mutual obsession), showing me some of her favourite haunts and generally aiding and abetting. Let’s just say I had to borrow a large piece of luggage to make the bus trip home. She also made sure I got to taste some of the impressive local vegan scene: the VegiTerranean in Akron, The Flaming Ice Cube in Cleveland, and The Mustard Seed (Akron). I love Kate, her awesome family (including then newly adopted pooch, Cooper), and Ohio so much that I’ve already made a return trip—more on that soon in a separate post.

This first trip was a whirlwind week of prepping, styling, and photographing food, some of the results of which you can see right here.

I made the pumpkin pie using Colleen Patrick-Goudreau’s recipe, a favourite of mine from The Joy of Vegan Baking, which I highly recommend. Kate made the oat berry crumble using a recipe of her own genius creation—she’s a whiz in the kitchen. We worked together to prep and style each dish and then each of us photographed the work for our respective portfolios.

Oat Berry Crumble

Oat Berry Crumble

Kate and I make a dynamic creative team, I think, which is exactly why there will be many more creative projects to come.

Addendum: Kate reminded me that she made the crust for the pie using the food processor.


vegan MoFo: down but not out + papa tofu review

You may have noticed that I haven’t exactly been living up to my MoFo post a day promises lately. In fact, for the better part of the last ten days, I’ve been completely offline. After years and years of emerging unscathed, season after season, I finally succumbed to the dreaded flu. My entire extended family did, in fact. I was the last to fall. I’m just coming out of what has been a really rough ten days and starting to feel myself again. Wow, the flu sucks. I had great plans for this month after my awesome trip to Ohio and came home filled with inspiration despite getting off to a rocky start with food poisoning upon my return (I can’t catch a break!). And more bad news: did I mention my beloved laptop also met an untimely end while I was down with the flu? Death by Gatorade, purchased by my mum in good faith and meant to replenish my electrolytes when I was completely dehydrated. Not meant for your laptop to drink. Bye bye Sony Vaio. You will be missed. But hey, it’s not all bad news.

I had promised my dear friend Kittee a review of her really amazing cookzine, Papa Tofu Loves Ethiopian Food, and gosh darn it if I wasn’t going to rally these last few days and try my darnedest to do her proud. The review was posted last night on Cakemaker to the Stars, so please check it out. I hope you enjoy it as much as I enjoyed the zine, which you can get here. The zine is really well done and well worth the $9, so please support an amazing vegan and all-around awesome human being, pick up a copy and wow your dinner guests with a genuine Ethiopian feast. And Happy Halloween, everyone!

Sauteed Mushrooms

a teaser pic, to entice you to go read the review.

vegan MoFo: happy hump day!

Happy Vegan MoFo Hump Day! Do you know what that means? All those hardworking MoFo-ers are half-way through their tasty posts celebrating the vegan month of food. The lovely Kittee, of Cakemaker to the Stars and Papa Tofu fame, has organized a flash mob to celebrate today. Everyone participating in the flash mob was emailed the secret details to share with the world today: a brand new song from talented (vegan) songstress, Leslie Hall: The Vegan Song!

Vegan Song Lyrics:

I eat the finest cuisines, in the finest of places / Stuff my mouth full and always say thank you / But if it’s raised in a cage, and it can’t even move, if it’s hormone filled and in a bad mood / I’m gonna pass on that / Reach for something better / The only milk I’ll drink comes from the nipple of a soy bean / Veggies make you live forever, and they seem to taste much better / When they’re cooked and grown with love, so give a chef who knows what’s up a hug / Momma just can’t seem to get it, Papa he just rolls his eyes / When I tell them I’m much healthier, they just say that it’s all lies / But beans, nuts, fruits and veggies can really fill the belly / Get you vitamins you need, shiny hair and extra speed / Don’t take that meat-wich any further, I want a marinated, deep fried, hand-tied mushroom burger / I like it! / We gotta stand strong for our feathered, furry, sometimes scaly animal friends and their little babies / ‘Cuz I wouldn’t want to live in a cage in a dark warehouse killed at an early age / Pumped full of hormones, sleeping in my feces / Never met my mother, raised by machines / Never get sunshine never get green, but that’s just me / [That girl loves fruit leather!] / So ask us what we’re eating, delicious and repeating / Fruits and veggies are so nice, with a slice of tempeh, yes, I’ll have that twice / Don’t forget the legumes!

Kittee sent us this animated .gif to share – click here to hear the song.

Happy Hump Day!