vegan MoFo: okra bouquet.

vegan Mofo: radish power.

Radishes from The Mustard Seed

On a day when I’m feeling under the weather, these spicy and colourful vegetable powerhouses hold particular appeal. Kate and I found these beauties at The Mustard Seed Market, a gem of a natural and organic food store in Ohio – and where, incidentally, one can find many a sought after vegan product. Did I mention that I found Justin’s Chocolate Hazelnut Butter there? That jar is empty now.

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vegan MoFo: a fine pickle.

VegiTerranean Dill Pickles

I awoke this morning to a text message from my friend Kate and the sad news of The VegiTerranean’s closing. The VegiTerranean was a seriously good, all vegan restaurant in Akron, Ohio. It was opened four years ago by rocker Chrissie Hynde and, as far as I can tell, has been delighting patrons ever since. It has barely been a week since I was sitting at one of their shiny tables in Akron, enjoying a truly fine vegan meal. I am sad for Chrissie, who had to close the doors on what must have been a big dream, and for the staff who have lost their jobs. I am also sad for the patrons who are losing a culinary gem of a restaurant. I feel grateful to have been able to experience VegiTerranean at least once, in the form of the house salad, a veggie wrap (with artichokes and tofu feta), Chrissie fries (with tofu ricotta and homemade ketchup), Philly cheese steak, and chocolate cake with vanilla buttercream.

Thank you for that, Kate.

Our meal began with the extra fine dill pickles above, a favourite of Chrissie’s – and mine. I do like a good pickle. We had seconds. Take a look at Kate’s heartfelt roundup of photos and musings from this and past visits to what was one of her favourite eateries. I may have only eaten there once, but I know The Vegiterranean will be greatly missed.

Chocolate cake with vanilla buttercream