hugs to allisons gourmet

Are you familiar with Allisons Gourmet? You should be. Allison, maven of mmmm, is all about chocolate. Award-winning, artisan, organic, dairy-free, fair-trade chocolate. Oh, and its out of this world delicious too. Do yourself a favour and get acquainted. May I suggest the pure vanilla caramels? Im a fan. Take a look at Allisons site and feast your eyes. You cant go wrong with any of the choices there—with cookies, brownies, toffee, brittle, fudge, chocolates, caramels, tea, coffee, and hot chocolate—there are endless gift-giving possibilities. Why not include yourself s a recipient?

A longtime admirer,  I had the pleasure of meeting Allison in person at last summers VVC in Portlandso when she recently asked if she could interview me for the Friday With Friends series on her blog, I was chuffed. Check it out here, blush. Its short and sweet and focuses on my enthusiasm for vegan baking and my massive sweet tooth.

*photo used with permission from Allisons Gourmet