about marika

I always wondered why somebody doesnt do something about that. Then I realized I was somebody. —Lily Tomlin

Marika Collins is a Toronto based food and lifestyle photographer with a sweet tooth who cares deeply about animal rights, social justice and the environment. Full time imagineer. Wordsmith. Dreamer. Wanderlustful knitting wannabe. Coffee fiend. Geek.

Chaser of light. Storyteller.

“You don’t take a photograph, you make it.” —Ansel Adams

She is rather partial to dark chocolate, old pewter plates, cats, Paris in the springtime, flea markets, slivers of sunlight, peeling paint, raw kale, chipped enamelware, New York at Christmas, tarnished silver, red wine, rusted metal, vintage linens, undisturbed snow, the sound of rain, silence, and bedtime stories.

Shes a storyteller.

Marika sees the details of the world through the lens of her camera. She paints with light. She captures the moments in between. She’s tells a story through images. With a BFA in Photographic Arts, her work has appeared in curated shows and private collections around the globe. Marika works out of her studio and everywhere else.

Has camera, will travel.

When she’s not chasing the light, Marika can be found in the kitchen, knee-deep in flour—or looking wistfully out the window with a cat in her lap.

She documents her adventures in everything plant based here on her blog, Madcap Cupcake, where she endeavors to spread a positive message and celebrate all things sweet.

be silly.
be honest.
be kind.


contact: madcapcupcake [at] gmail [dot] com


Why madcap cupcake?



1. wildly or heedlessly impulsive; headstrong; impetuous; reckless; brainish; lively; a madcap scheme.


2. an impulsive person; daredevil; hothead; lunatic; swashbuckler; or lively person; a madcap person.



1. a small cake, the size of an individual portion, baked in a cup-shaped mold.

2. older slang:

  • (a) an attractive young woman.
  • (b) a beloved girl or woman.

Plus, Madcap Cupcake shares the same initials as the authors name—vanity.

Thats it, in a candied nutshell.