vegan MoFo: okra bouquet.

vegan Mofo: radish power.

Radishes from The Mustard Seed

On a day when I’m feeling under the weather, these spicy and colourful vegetable powerhouses hold particular appeal. Kate and I found these beauties at The Mustard Seed Market, a gem of a natural and organic food store in Ohio – and where, incidentally, one can find many a sought after vegan product. Did I mention that I found Justin’s Chocolate Hazelnut Butter there? That jar is empty now.

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ode to the farmers’ market, vegan MoFo.


It is Vegan MoFo III friends – the Vegan Month of Food.

If you’ve read my posts before you may have heard me sing the praises of my local Farmers’ Market on occasion. I do love the market. Alas, it will be closing up shop for the Winter in a few short weeks and it will be greatly missed. All those good eats! Sniff.

There are so many reasons to support your local Farmers’ Market if you’re lucky enough to have one. There’s supporting your local farmers, for one, and getting the freshest produce possible, reducing your carbon footprint, helping the environment, saving money, to name a few more. Much local produce is even organically grown (though it may lack certification, which is too expensive for some farmers), meaning less pesticides and healthier produce that is less traveled for you and your family – like my beloved pumpkins.

But the best reason of all? Behold the goodness.

A small sampling of the awesomeness of this past season of local fruit and vegetables.