hugs to allison’s gourmet

Artisan Vegan Caramels from Allison's Gourmet

Artisan Vegan Caramels from Allison’s Gourmet

Are you familiar with Allison’s Gourmet? You should be. Allison, maven of mmmm, is all about chocolate. Award-winning, artisan, organic, dairy-free, fair-trade chocolate. Oh, and it’s out of this world delicious too. Do yourself a favour and get acquainted. May I suggest the pure vanilla caramels? I’m a fan. Take a look at Allison’s site and feast your eyes. You can’t go wrong with any of the choices there—with cookies, brownies, toffee, brittle, fudge, chocolates, caramels, tea, coffee, and hot chocolate—there are endless gift-giving possibilities. Why not include yourself s a recipient?

A longtime admirer,  I had the pleasure of meeting Allison in person at last summer’s VVC in Portland–so when she recently asked if she could interview me for the Friday With Friends series on her blog, I was chuffed. Check it out here, blush. It’s short and sweet and focuses on my enthusiasm for vegan baking and my massive sweet tooth.

*photo used with permission from Allison’s Gourmet


ode to the farmers’ market, vegan MoFo.


It is Vegan MoFo III friends – the Vegan Month of Food.

If you’ve read my posts before you may have heard me sing the praises of my local Farmers’ Market on occasion. I do love the market. Alas, it will be closing up shop for the Winter in a few short weeks and it will be greatly missed. All those good eats! Sniff.

There are so many reasons to support your local Farmers’ Market if you’re lucky enough to have one. There’s supporting your local farmers, for one, and getting the freshest produce possible, reducing your carbon footprint, helping the environment, saving money, to name a few more. Much local produce is even organically grown (though it may lack certification, which is too expensive for some farmers), meaning less pesticides and healthier produce that is less traveled for you and your family – like my beloved pumpkins.

But the best reason of all? Behold the goodness.

A small sampling of the awesomeness of this past season of local fruit and vegetables.










fudge, chocolate.


I was out shopping recently, seeking out items that have more to do with kitchen tools than actual eating, when I came across a kit that promised to produce a rich chocolate fudge. I believe the word ‘gourmet’ was used. It’s the kind of kit you buy that has most of the ingredients you need included in the mix – you just have to add a thing or two.

I was curious.

Since making the switch to vegan I hadn’t thought to make fudge.  Not that I used to make a ton of fudge, mind you. Fudge is kind of a funny word. Fudge, fudge, fudge.

Anyway, the kit called for adding butter, milk and eggs. Easy peasy. A little Earth Balance (dairy free margarine), some plain soymilk, and some flax meal whisked with water and voila.

Chocolately fudgey goodness, gone in a flash.