About us

Welcome to the blog of the project, which I call anti-health and contra-wellbeing.

In my life I read hundreds of blogs and in general articles and various materials in the Internet dedicated to health and you know what? I have found nothing useful! Never in my life!

I tried all what was advised there – bathing in cold water in winter, using various traditional methods, massages, drank Chinese teas, did morning exercises, mediated in a bath full of hot water and that was all in vain. I have just spent tons of money but earned nothing useful instead. Luckily I had enough natural health, inherited from my parents, to survive all my experiments.

So, everything you find here will be just a mere justification of why it is stupid to do just anything for your health. Do not repair a car which runs! And if it stops running just go to hospital and make a surgery.

Here you will find a lot of links to the materials, which provide a really strong support to these ideas of mine. Join my anti-health club and feel good.