Why not be afraid of drafts several good reasons

With the arrival of heat, passengers quarrel almost every day over access to fresh air: those who want to breathe air open their windows more often, and those who are afraid of catching a cold insist on keeping the window closed because there may be drafts.

Often, after being in a draft, a person feels muscle pain and says that he was blown away. But in fact there was a hypothermia of a certain muscle group.

On the contrary, a person will make himself more vulnerable if he constantly avoids drafts, sits indoors and wraps himself in clothes. In this way, he is less sensitive to changes in air temperature and has the risk of catching a cold faster.

Recommendations on how to stop being afraid of drafts

Breathe fresh air more often

This is necessary in order to feel in shape and be healthier. To do this, any room must be ventilated from time to time.

Avoid direct strong air flow

Thus, prolonged hypothermia or a strong flow of air directed, for example, in the neck or face, is dangerous and can get sick in a few minutes. It threatens inflammation of muscles, nerves and can activate pathogens that are in the body.

Respect each other’s comfort

We recommend setting up constant air recirculation indoors, but not harming the comfort of other people.

Don’t force yourself to sit at an open window if you’re uncomfortable. You can move to another location. Or, if possible, go outside while the room is ventilated.

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