EZ Tofu Press, a Review

EZ Tofu Press

An EZ lunch, courtesy of the EZ Tofu Press.

When I visited the lovely city of Portland this past summer to speak at the VVC, I had the good fortune of finding a card in my special speakers swag bag, offering an EZ Tofu Press for testing and review. Indeed, I was keen to see this culinary marvel in action. I quickly contacted Ben, inventor of the press, who promptly and generously sent one to me.

Can I just say, wow? Wow. This little mechanical wonder is exceedingly simple and elegant in it’s design and super easy to use. I mean EZ. It’s the kind of sensible idea you see that makes you think, why didn’t I think of that? And if a lazy tofu prepper like myself thinks it’s easy, you will too. Confession: I normally can’t be bothered with tofu pressing because,well, I’m a lazy cook. But boy, does it make a difference. I even first tried hand pressing the liquid out of the tofu using kitchen towels, just to see how much more the tofu press could extract. Answer: a lot more. After putting it in the tofu press, I was amazed at how much more liquid came out of that block of tofu. I even tried it with a very drippy, somewhat mushy, block of medium-firm tofu. And it worked like a charm. I’m sold.

Pressing tofu gives it a much more toothsome texture: more meaty, less mushy. Plus, if you’re into marinating your tofu (and you should be), pressing it allows for that much more space for marinade absorption. And we should all care about marinade absorption. Never again will I cook unpressed tofu. No excuses. Not with this press around. Even just a few minutes in the press makes a huge difference. Did I mention how easy and fast using this press it? So easy. And fast. And it’s nearly half the price of competing Tofu Presses. Did you know that tofu presses compete? They do. And if you’re looking for the best bang for your buck, I think this may be it. If you’re in the US, you can pick one up from Amazon (and get it shipped to you for free if you’re a Prime Member). Awesomesauce. And Canadians shan’t be left out in the cold either (it’s -25C today): you can pick one up from the good folks at Fake Meats. You can also read more about the press here.

A huge thank you to Ben who sent me this awesome press, thus improving all future tofu dishes in my household exponentially. I recommend it unreservedly and leave you with these EZ Tofu Press facts:

1) Currently $26.99 (+ free shipping for Prime Members) from Amazon (in the USA).
2) Fakemeats.com offers special shipping rates to all of Canada (listed at $22.95 at time of writing).
3) EZ Tofu Press can press virtually all sizes of firm & extra firm tofu (even medium-firm tofu improved!)
4) Pressing can be achieved in 15 minutes or less (even a few minutes does wonders)
5) Presses substantially faster than spring based tofu presses (very fast)
6) Easy to clean: small, compact, dishwasher safe, fewer parts to break.
7) Saves on paper or cloth towels (friend to the environment!)
8) EZ Tofu Press comes in a retail box with instructions and a handy measuring tool.

Stay tuned for details about an EZ Tofu Press Giveaway!

EZ Tofu Press

EZ Tofu Press

Image courtesy of EZ Tofu Press.


the awesome snackiness of the vegan cuts snack box.

Vegan Cuts Snack Box

Instagram shot of my Vegan Cuts Snack Box (follow me @madcapcupcake)

Behold the awesome snackiness of my Vegan Cuts Snack Box, of which I was the fortunate recipient for review. The Snack Box is available as a monthly subscription ($19.95 in the USA, $27.95 in Canada, shipping included) from the good folks at Vegan Cuts—a fab company that offers many more innovative cruelty-free products for sale, from food to clothing, make-up and accessories.

If you subscribe to a Snack Box, each month you will be presented with a selection of 7-10 vegan snacks and samples, often gluten-free, from an array of well chosen cruelty-free companies. My Snack Box consisted of the following treats:

  • Meow Meow Tweet’s Moisturizing Lip Balm, which glides on smooth, without any sticky, waxy residue. Mine was cocoa flavoured. I’m a devoted lip balm fan. Very nice.
  • Oloves, deli-style, snackable olives with only 50 calories per bag and no preservatives. I enjoyed my package of Lemony Lover Oloves at the airport during a recent trip and they were the perfect snack on the go, as well as a welcome departure from the regular snacking carb-fest.
  • Milas Food’s Savoury Bruschetta Blend. I made bruschetta of course, enjoying mine on a thick slab of crusty sourdough bread. Delicious.
  • 22 Days Protein Powder, which is non-GMO, organic, dairy-free, gluten-free, and soy-free, and perfect for a quick breakfast when you’re short on time and great for traveling. Mine was chocolate. Good stuff.
  • Food Should Taste Good Sweet Potato Tortilla Chips, a delicious baked twist on sweet potato chips. They were gone in a flash. I felt like I was enjoying chips without being bad.
  • Teeccino, herbal coffee in a tea bag. Awesome idea, no? Full-bodied and robust. I’m a big Teeccino fan. Love them.
  • Skinny Pop, guilt-free, incredibly tasty all natural, fibre-rich popcorn with zero trans fat. I saved mine for the plane and savoured every last bite.
  • Chicago Vegan Foods Teese, a stretchable, meltable line of non-dairy cheeses free from GMOs, soy, gluten, and palm oil. I received the nacho cheese sauce, which is the best Teese I’ve tried yet. These are the same folks behind Dandies vegan marshmallows. Love them.
  • Beyond Meat coupons, thanks—I’ll be on the lookout for some! So curious.
  • Parmela Parmesan Style Aged Nut Cheese. The perfect way to top off to a steaming bowl of pasta, and I did. Excellent. Seriously though—how do they do that? It’s so much like Parmesan I did a double-take.

If you like tasty snacks, trying new products and getting packages in the mail, this sweet setup is right up your alley. Very fun. Many of the companies I received samples from weren’t even on my vegan radar, so discovering them was awesome. A big ‘thank you’ to the generous folks at Vegan Cuts for sending me a Snack Box of my very own to try out.

Highly recommended. Check them out and get snackified. Enjoy.

tiny treats, taste & shoot

Chocolate Chips and Coating

Chocolate Chips and Coating, in the works.

When Nicole Axworthy of A Dash of Compassion and Lisa Pitman of Vegan Culinary Crusade asked me to assist with the styling and photography of their Tiny Treats eBook, I was thrilled and honoured to join the collaboration. I have a great amount of respect for these two very talented ladies and I knew the project would be a ton of fun and a smash success. After having sampled copious amounts of scrumptious treats for months leading up to the shoot via their other joint venture, the Raw Vegan Treat of the Month Club, I knew that each and every recipe in this book would be a winner.

Also, being the generous and compassionate spirits they are, Lisa and Nicole are donating one-third of all eBook proceeds to a charity close to their hearts, the Elephant Nature Park in Northern Thailand. Buy the eBook and you’ll be helping elephants and be rewarded with mouth-watering sweet treats all at once.

Convinced yet? Read on about what you can expect from this sweet little tome:

  • 25 deliciously sweet, whole foods based dessert recipes
  • no wheat, refined flours, sugars, soy, eggs or dairy
  • a delicious assortment of  cookies, bars, and cakes
  • recipes for must-have staples like nut milk, raw chocolate, and date paste you can make yourself
  • well laid out and super simple instructions
  • no need for fancy equipment (a blender or food processor and you’re good to go)
  • great tips and techniques to add to your culinary repertoire
  • large, full-colour photos of each recipe (including a few from yours truly)

The photographs in this post are some of my outtakes from the shoot and represent a small portion of the awesomeness you will find in the book: I feel truly honoured to have been able to contribute to its creation. Plus, not only did I get to spend a fun-filled weekend with friends, playing with props and styling to my heart’s content, a few of my photographs were selected by the girls (who also photographed their work) for the final product. Very cool.

Blueberry Cream and Fruit Tarts

Blueberry Cream and Fruit Tarts

Yogurt, Milk, and Granola

Raw Almond Yogurt, Cinnamon Bun Granola, and Almond Milk.

Hazelnut Brownies

Hazelnut Brownies with Maple Chocolate Ganache.

How does that grab you? You can read more about the Tiny Treats eBook, as well as preview and purchase it, here.